100% Clear

Mobile App & Platform Design


A mobile app to encourage users to securely and clearly communicate immediate needs. Designed to promote a platform that allows people to be transparent about who they are so they may be rewarded with relevant content in exchange.

Mapping New Territory for a Classic Game

Strategic Creative Consultation, Conceptualization & Evangelism


Geocaching is a high-tech adventure game with two million containers hidden around in the world.

Working closely with the executive and senior management team, I helped identify the fundamentals for the much needed expansion of the game targeted for the next generation audience. Focusing on holistic experience design and shifting the organization’s mindset through internal evangelism with the creative and development teams, I set the direction of a new mobile app design and the overarching game experience.

Mass (Data) Appeal

UX Strategy & Data Visualization

Working with a talented set of business analysts, statistics experts, and a handful of innovative ASP/Flex/.Net developers, I created a UX solution around filtering massive amounts of data in a matter of seconds. The design offers data in a beautiful, easy-to-use, touch friendly manner which inspired adjustments for lateral products.

Left, middle, and right brained



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Creative Direction
Innovation Leadership
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UX & UI Design
Human Centered Design
Omnichannel Thinking
Concepts & Prototypes
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About Thom Milkovic ( TM )


Thom stays ahead of the curve. Whether it’s a platform or product, he masterfully blends the right technology and design into engaging integrated digital experiences and systems to attract audiences.

Coming from a lineage of inventors, teachers, photographers and writers, Thom’s DNA is programmed to transform fresh, innovative ideas into practical results with an authentic meaning at the core.

For two decades, Thom has guided teams to consistently bring their A-game to the table. He challenges their thinking and aligns passion and purpose with the product to naturally attract audiences.

Thom has helped a variety of startups pitch their presence, as well as grow many recognizable brands, such as:


“If you work with Thom, you’ll find him to be a careful listener, an amazing translator, and an expert creative with an eye to closing the sale. He’ll expand the thinking about your own ideas and add value to them.”

- Mike Wittenstein, Founder of Storyminers

“Thom has actively and constructively participated in the dialogue that has helped us to define our path forward and his visual designs have enabled us to communicate that path to our entire company.”

- Bryan Roth, Co-Founder of Geocaching

Speaking Engagements

"Thom's presentations are both uplifting and provocative. Definitely worth checking out." - Holly J.



How Innovative UX Thinking May Solve the Inefficiencies of Display Advertising

Do ads interfere with the UX of Websites? Will an ad convert better if it complements or distracts from content? Can an ad add value to a site? Is it possible to build a better user experience around the complex struggle between grabbing attention and delivering value?

Thom discusses answers to these questions and sets the framework of a conversation that is open to the room.





Digital Doughnut


SV Entrepreneurs Startup Boot Camp


Being Invisibl

Being Invisibl

How to Prepare for the Emerging Era of Invisible UX and UI Design

The interface as we know it is fading away. As technological advancements such as wearables, IoT, and contextual software rapidly seep into the core of our daily lives, these new systems are pivoting traditional user experience thinking toward dynamically, relevant experience design.

Learn some of the principles and best practices in this new area of UX & UI design as Thom discusses topics such as:

  • Designing a UI no one will see, touch or click
  • Contextual content as a new form of UI
  • Fundamentals of adaptable information design
  • Personalization vs. Relevance
  • Predicting user behavior and fulfilling specific needs
  • Using the power of Invisible Design responsibly




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