Solving. Designing.

Whether it’s a product or platform, Thom blends design with technology to deliver engaging integrated digital experiences.

Coming from a lineage of inventors, teachers, photographers, and writers, Thom’s DNA is programmed to transform fresh, innovative ideas into tangible results with authenticity at the core.

For three decades, Thom has led creative design teams, as well as had hands-on experience in UX strategy, UI design, prototyping, wireframing, interaction design, motion & animation, Web & mobile development, branding & identity design, commercial photography, filmmaking, and story structure.

His tenure as a professional commercial photographer has given him a unique style and perspective of storytelling through all of his design solutions.

He has master-level knowledge of a broad variety of tools such as Sketch, InVision, UXPin, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Lightroom, InDesign, and Keynote.

When working with teams, Thom consistently draws out everyone’s A-game by inspiring with his passion for the product, attention to detail, and the user’s needs.

He’s helped recognizable brands such as SAP, CNN, UPS, HP, Citrix, Samsung, Concur, Holiday Inn, Transitions Lenses, Geocaching, Healthline, LendingClub, and various startups.

When not working, Thom enjoys spending time with his wife, exploring the great outdoors, or shooting images for his regular contributions to Unsplash.

“Thom does do it all – and very well… If you work with Thom, you’ll find him to be a careful listener, an amazing translator, and an expert creative with an eye to closing the sale. He’ll expand the thinking about your own ideas and add value to them.”

– Mike Wittenstein, Global Speaker, Designer, Consultant, Facilitator

“Thom has an amazing presence and focus on design excellence that I continually admire. His processes are deliberate and his skills with design, user experiences, and workflow are amazing. I consider Thom to be the best `Software UX Designer` that I have ever meet… and would welcome future opportunities to work with him.”

– Thomas Burleson, Team Lead at Google

Thom has actively and constructively participated in the dialogue that has helped us to define our path forward and his visual designs have enabled us to communicate that path to our entire company.

– Bryan Roth, Co-Founder of Geocaching

“He is a profound visual thinker and business minded creator. His experience and insight regarding how to succinctly and effectively communicate to achieve targeted business/marketing goals make Thom uniquely qualified to design and communicate a business vision, plan, approach or strategy. He is stellar in his field, and a very fun person with whom to interact!”

– H. Christian Hölljes, Professor of Innovation + Design at NCSU


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