Being Invisible: Preparing for the New Era of Invisible Design


Preparing for the New Era of Invisible UX Design

The interface as we know it is fading away. As technological advancements such as wearables, IoT, and contextual software rapidly seep into the core of our daily lives, these new systems are pivoting traditional user experience thinking toward dynamically relevant experience design.

We learned some of the rising principles and best practices in this new era of UX & UI design such as:

  • Designing a UI no one will see, touch or click
  • Contextual content as a new form of UI
  • Fundamentals of adaptable information design
  • Relevance vs. Personalization
  • Predicting user behavior and fulfilling specific needs
  • Using the power of Invisible Design responsibly

Presented at Tech in Motion

The Presentation

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Download Full Presentation Deck Here >>

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